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Practice Areas

Daniels, Fine, Israel Schonbuch & Lebovits, LLP has extensive experience representing businesses and individuals in all areas of law. The firm has an extraordinary reputation in the legal community as providing top quality legal services to all its clients since opening in 1982.

Daniels, Fine, Israel Schonbuch & Lebovits, LLP is organized into different practice areas, several of which are centered on particular businesses or industries and are comprised of attorneys who have experience and knowledge in the many diverse legal issues that may affect that specific industry. Daniels, Fine, Israel Schonbuch & Lebovits, LLP clients benefit by receiving knowledgeable counsel on all the varied legal issues their particluar industry may face from one comprehensive source.

Practice Areas:

Insurance Law
Tort Law
Trial Law
Appellate Practice
Complex Litigation
Real Estate
Alternative Dispute Resolution