Schonbuch and Lee obtain defense verdict in Root v. Standal

Congratulations to trial attorneys Michael Schonbuch and Nita Lee. Michael and Nita obtained a defense verdict for their client in Root v. Standal tried in the Orange County Superior Court. Plaintiff is a career Marine and Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran. Due to a high speed freeway collision plaintiff underwent three knee surgeries and is facing a total knee replacement. He also injured his neck causing radiating pain and numbness down both arms. Due to these injuries he is being forced to retire early from the Marines. He also lost his promotion to SEAL TEAM SIX which is the elite search and rescue squad responsible for capturing Osama Bin Laden. He claimed past medical expenses, future medical expenses for knee replacement surgery and treatment to the neck and nerves as well as past lost wages for loss of hazardous duty pay and future wages due to the inability to work and be a Marine. The loss of pension claim (retiring at 20 years rather than 30 years) totals over a million dollars by itself. The insurance policy was claimed to be open and the carrier was represented by separate counsel. Plaintiff asked the jury for $5.5 Million. The jury returned a 12-0 defense verdict, finding no negligence by the defendant. The jury thanked the plaintiff for his service to the country and several were crying as they left the courtroom.

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