Schonbuch & Fersch defend Gonzales Travel & Tours

Congratulations to trial attorneys Michael Schonbuch and Mary Fersch. Michael and Mary tried the case of Enriquez v. Gonzalez Travel & Tours in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Adam Shea and Patrick Gunning of Panish, Shea & Boyle LLP represented plaintiffs Soyla Enriquez and her son Jaime Enriquez. Soyla, an elderly woman, sued after a tour bus ran over her legs causing serious injuries including bilateral de-gloving of both legs from the knee down, and tibia and fibula fractures. Soyla underwent multiple surgeries that led to the development of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Soyla’s son Jaime also sued, claiming severe emotional distress due to witnessing his mother’s injuries. Plaintiffs’ counsel asked the jury to return a total verdict of $20 million in damages. The jury rejected that request, instead finding plaintiff 35% at fault for her own injuries and returning a net verdict of just above $4 million. The jury also found that Jaime did not suffer serious emotional distress and awarded him nothing. Congratulations to Michael and Mary for the excellent result on this very challenging case!

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